NVG Calls on State Leaders to declare Racism as a Public Health Emergency in Ohio

New Visions Group LLC Calls on Governor DeWine, Ohio Attorney General Yost and the Ohio General Assembly to Develop a Task Force to Immediately Address Systemic Racism and Police Brutality in the State of Ohio.

Over the last few weeks, systemic racism and police brutality against black, brown, and other minority communities have been brought back to national attention. With the most recent protests in Columbus and other cities across the country, it is obvious that the state of Ohio needs to take action in finding solutions to begin healing our communities. Ohio is a proven leader nationally and must continue to be so in addressing these critical issues that have been plaguing our communities for generations.

New Visions Group calls on our Elected leaders to develop and implement a task force on or before July 1, 2020 to finally address the disease of systemic racism and police brutality in an extensive and holistic manner. Ohio’s elected leaders must work together, across party lines, to protect and assist all black, brown and other minority communities.

Click here to read full PDF outlining issues that need to be addressed: 2020-06-01_NVG_Statement_ColumbusProtests