Specializing in connecting businesses to local and state government, New Visions Group has been guiding its clients through the complexities of the social, economic and political landscape of government for more than a decade.

Government Relations

For business, non-profits, trade associations and unions, relationships in government are as essential as water to grass. Understanding that notion and realizing its importance are the keys to success in achieving goals and desired outcomes in the government arena. Through our pool of contacts, New Visions Group helps its clients understand how to navigate government. Furthermore, we have created a niche in our industry by specializing in minority affairs and assisting businesses that are looking to do business with local governments in Ohio. We are well positioned to assist your organization by:


In this ever-changing world of business and government, it is reassuring to have a good advocate. Ultimately, this is a people-to-people business requiring insight into the individual inclinations of policy makers and decision-makers, a solid knowledge of the facts of an issue and the skills to know who to ask, when to ask and how to ask. New Visions Group has the skills and knowledge needed to be a highly effective advocate for your interests.

New Visions Group has been assisting its clients by guiding them through the complexities of the social, economic and political landscape of state and local government for nearly two decades. The offering of proficient and ethical services provides the foundation for a relationship that is always in the best interest of our clients. We are proud to be members of the Ohio Lobbying Association and the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce.

Procurement (Business Development)

New Visions Group believes that its clients are best suited to define a successful outcome and therefore must be an integral part of each step of the procurement process. Our approach enhances the ability to make fully informed decisions and ensure that success is measured by one standard: our client's standard. New Visions Group, in collaboration with various state and national contacts, will work with your organization to determine the scope of the mission and then work with established experts in their field to create goal-oriented outcomes tailored to your organization.

Strategic Political Counsel

It helps to know what the community thinks about its leadership. Furthermore, elections, political appointments, committee assignments, lobbyist influence, strategic alliances and labor relations are all a part of the political game. They are also critical to vendor relations and potential contracts. NVG provides this service to track and monitor political events that could affect your business. Furthermore, we will provide political and strategic advice that could give your business the competitive advantage.